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Assessment Service

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The Psychological Assessment Service:

 Is one of the menuses of the Twin Brain App and website (www.twinbrain.org).

 Offers paid assessments.

 Offers Psychological Assessment Questionnaires and a Report.

TwinBrain Ltd.

TwinBrain Ltd, owner of TwinBrain App, is a UK based healthcare in London that operates on social enterprise principles. It was registered 30 April 2020 with Companies House number 12580210.

TwinBrain App was founded by Dr Benaliligha Francis Selemo (a clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist), Zuowei Joshua, Zuo-ere Emmanuella, Tekpa-ere Sarra, Kio Uriella, Tamaranane Samuel, Ganna Kudobetska, Mary Selemo, Dennis Opuofeni and with support from a group of former clients of Health City (www.healthcity.org.uk), many professional colleagues and friends.

The Twin Brain resources endeavour to give people some understanding of how the proposed idea of the Twin Brain works. Then people may decide whether they may have a Twin Brain or not. It is hope that the Step-by-Step Guide resources in the Twin Brain App, the Twin Brain website, the Twin Brain booklets, other resources from Twin Brain Ltd and the support from a person’s qualified and accredited local medical professional, may assist the person to acquire some self-help coping techniques to reduce distress from emotional problems or improve their wellbeing.

TwinBrain Vision

The vision is that billions of people across the globe may use the Twin Brain resources along with support from qualified and accredited professionals to improve their wellbeing.

The theory of the Twin Brain suggests that:

 The human brain behaves like a computer capturing and storing vast information as good or corrupted files.

 The human brain behaves like a real human being with ability to use the stored information to help us fight or run from threats or be happy and creative.

 If files were installed in the brain, then with proactive steps, good files can be deliberately activated and corrupted files (like virus in a computer) can be deliberately un-

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Your privacy is important and we take it seriously. Your personal information will only be used to administer your subscription (if any) and your website account (if any) and to offer the services and products you asked from us, example in relationship to your request for treatments, self-help resources, training etc.