(a) Time Duration: I agreed that the self-screening may take up to 45 minutes to one hour or more. I can commence, save and complete my self-screening whenever it suits

(b) Disclaimer: I agreed that this is an emotional health self-screening that must not and can not be used for self-diagnosis or court proceedings. The assessment must not replace my medical assessments and treatment with a health professional. The self-screening is only one component of a an assessment a health professional may undertake before providing me treatment. I will consult my family doctor for diagnosis and treatment if I am worried about my health. Sometimes my health professional may prefer to conduct their own assessment for me rather than using my self-screening report. This means that it may be useful for me to ask my health professional if they want me to complete this self-screening or not. Enaikidigha Ltd, the Twin Brain Ltd and affiliated agencies or anyone else is not liable for my use of this assessment facility including the loss of my screening outcome report any time.

(c) Confidentiality: I agreed that every information I provide during this screening and the screening outcome report are confidential and not stored or read by the personnel at Twin Brain Ltd or Enaikidigha Ltd. I am to decide who I want to share my report with. It is my personal responsibility to print or email my report to myself and to delete the copy in the Twin Brain facility. If I chose to keep a copy of my report under my personal account in the App or website, my report shall be automatically deleted by the App or website at the end of 12 hours from the time my report was saved by the App or the website.

I agreed that if I feel at risk of committing suicide or harming myself or other people, I must not continue with this screening. Rather I must save the screening and first contact my local Accident and Emergency Services to receive support. I agreed that I must only return to complete the screening when I feel no longer at risk to myself and to other people.

I agreed that this App or website is not and does not provide an Emergency Service and is not a substitute to medical and professional support.